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From: Michelangelo Partipilo
Subject: [Info-gne]Rants
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 15:31:24 -0400

I think what is needed is a project leader, and a correctly assigned staff.
With one head, that will assigns sub-heads, which will be in charge of
gathering articles, authorizing publication of them, etc.

This project needs one head that would invest a good quantity of time and
effort to it, because we are not talking about any simple thing.

If the project is dropped by the actual people holding it, I myself will
re-open the project.

I'm getting tired of all this going to nowhere, we need a direction to head
to, and the sooner we get it, the best it will be for us all.

We should learn from the big guys like Britannica, Encarta, etc. a simple
interface to the user, a well made search page, a standard structure (or
template) for articles, editing patterns, and all that stuff.

I am not a specialist on the matter, I'm almost 20 years old (I'll be on
16th Feb.) and I want the project to go on! I am ready to translate any
articles into spanish and also review them for correctness, if not, I know a
perfect person to do that that lives 3 blocks away from my house. He
represents the Spanish Royal Academy in Latin America, I don't know if he
speaks english, but he sure knows grammar stuff in spanish. I'll try to talk
to him.

Let get to work people!

I don't think we should concentrate "other" projects in the meantime. GNE is
our goal, and I think we should go for it, with no hassles.

Enough ranting for today, I'll get on translating again. See ya!

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