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[Info-gne]Re: Info-gne digest, Vol 1 #18 - 1 advert

From: Relay Team Silver
Subject: [Info-gne]Re: Info-gne digest, Vol 1 #18 - 1 advert
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 07:20:37 -0500

Hey now! I understand--or think I do--that the project is in flux or at least operating elsewhere, and that there may not be much to put in the mailing list. But SPAM?? One message of SPAM??? Who the flarg do you think you are, Microsoft? That's just shady, man. WAAAAAAY shady. If it had only been mildly shady I'd have just removed my net-entity from the list, but this was SO bad I had to rant. Yuck, people. Shame, shame, shame.

-Sara T.

Under NAFTA, corporations who suffer /or think they might suffer/ profit losses as a result of labor laws, environmental restrictions and the like can now SUE THE GOVERNMENT to recover their losses or supposed losses--in taxpayer dollars. So we have to PAY corporations to clean up pollution or not run sweatshops. These litigations are held in secret, with no public knowledge. The FTAA, if it passes, will make this ridiculousness apply to the entire western half of the world.
(sheeit, my *sig* was worth more to the list than your "digest"!)

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