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[Info-gne]LaTeX Wiki

From: Kyle Cranmer
Subject: [Info-gne]LaTeX Wiki
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 10:37:12 -0600 (CST)


I have seen so little traffic on this site that I'm not sure that if it's
the one about GNUPedia and WikiPedia and such.  If so, I think this is a
pretty relevant message... it's about a nice way to display math symbols -
particularly LaTeX - on the web in a very low-impact way.  Below is the
standard email I use to tell people about LaTeX Wiki, or just go to:


Some friends of mine at Open Software Services wrote a cool patch to
Zope (the web application server we use).  It's called LaTeX Wiki.  A Wiki
is a kind of web page that the user can edit from within their web browser
(no need for access to the server or knowledge of HTML).  What they did
was to make it so that the Wiki parses LaTeX code natively and inlines the
rendered LaTeX automatically.  

LaTeX Wiki is a great tool for collaborative work that requires many
mathematical symbols.  It could revolutionize the way that homework is
collected and graded, mathematicians and physicists collaborate, and how
math is presented on the web in general.  

There are other tools like latex2html and new standards like MathML which
promise the same; however, LaTeX Wiki is easier to use and more versatile
than latex2html and much more human readable/writable than MathML.  Best
of all, this technology is available right now.  

Please check it out at and pass this
message on to anyone you think may be interested.


Kyle Cranmer    Email: address@hidden   Phone: (608) 259-0645
Address: 1124 Emerald #2, Madison, WI 53715

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