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[Info-gne] Re: PHARMACbdoY

From: Inderpal Bowens
Subject: [Info-gne] Re: PHARMACbdoY
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 19:51:28 -0400

M g E e R g I x D p I l A l
X b A q N a A j X m
A v M y B q I e E q N v
V d I r A r G p R i A t $3 , 33
V y A v L b I u U y M h $1 , 21
S i O w M r A m
C s I c A t L f I j S c $3 , 75
and many other ...

I dont know. What did you have in mind? That fellow who drove me into town after I saw you. Are there any other like-minded citizens in the neighborhood? Most are doin time, frankly, but I suppose I could dig around the refuse and pull up a few. What for? Guard duty. Its pretty simple really. Youll be on the phone and

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