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[Info-gne] trousers screwy

From: Tilly Murray
Subject: [Info-gne] trousers screwy
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 20:07:39 -0400

I saw agreat deal of him at Hamburg, during the Emigration. What a pitythat it did not occur to me when I could have made the most of it! There is noplebeian element here except a few peers and a Julien or two perhaps. What a misfortune, if I had had toendure that insult a second time in a cafe! That isstill the most difficult thing to secure, and therefore the mostmeritorious. I have calculated that thedelay will not amount to more than five days. Mademoiselle de La Mole had called her brother back, as he was leavingthe room. It is just like the court of aSovereign Prince. What fault would anyone have to find with my remark? She could not possibly haveenjoyed a greater triumph. It was a period of perfect frankness inthe relations between employer and protege. They have a mania for starting serious discussions. The gold lace seemed to attract hisattention; he turned round bodily to see whose this arm was. Besides, thisoddity in Mathilde may pass for genius. Do you think that that isquite polite to the Crowned Heads? This Cross set Juliens pride at rest; he began to talk far morefreely. I have come to fight with you, Sir, and he rapidly explained thesituation. I know to whom I am indebted for such kindness, replied Julien,bowing to the ground. It was hermisfortune to have more intelligence than MM. It will be to stop thebullet, thought the Chevalier de Beauvoisis. This great saloon was decorated to represent the Alhambra of Granada. Wit, I know I have, for obviously I frightenthem all. What colourless hair, if that is whatthey call golden! A death sentence is still the only thingfor which no one has ever thought of asking. What idea have youbrought, amusing or not? His behaviour this morning was noble, thought the Marquis, and Ishall ennoble him. Since I am only a woman like any other, well, I must dance. And it will be one of those pretty gentlemen with moustacheswho will seize me. Besides, thisoddity in Mathilde may pass for genius. Mademoiselle, I have not had the honour to be presented to M. Besides, thisoddity in Mathilde may pass for genius. She was almost searching for him withher eyes when she caught sight of him in another room. We suppress the rest of the philosophers system as being cynical.

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