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[Info-gne] genre joyrider

From: Rosalie Tipton
Subject: [Info-gne] genre joyrider
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 15:29:56 +0800

Theformidable eyebrows were drawn together, and the whole man becamean incarnate menace. PrinceJohn was for Mastrovin the key of the whole business. Ive seenmany a tattie-bogle that looked more respectable. Let me repeat, said Mastrovin with a great air of patience. The lights halted, and the two cars wererevealed. It must also be on the first floor, for he hadascended only one flight of stairs. So complete was his trust in Mr Glynde that he forebore tospeculate on the nature of the rescue. Jaikie had now forgotten both his thirst and hunger. But theyre coming from the wrong direction, said Janet. You must sleep before you eatproperly, he said, or youll be as sick as a dog. Were a happyfamily in the old Cirque, he said, and dont stick by trade-unionways. Jaikie was very angry,and with him wrath always blanketed fear. Mastrovin peered within the car and saw Janet, who apparently didnot interest him. Life at present is too hurried with me topreserve the amenities. Or a courier from the Praefectus of the WesternWing? When the Cirque Doré mobilises itselfit has many eyes and ears. Oneor two papers say that he is now in Krovolin. As he handed Jaikie his glass, he laughed. Jaikie drew in his head and shut the window. That word is the present address of PrinceJohn. Alison and theRoylances are not in immediate danger. As the roomdarkened into twilight he lay listening for footsteps on thestairs. Jaikie was a poor mechanic, but he saw that these boltswould be hard to tamper with. It had been locked without the tongue being drivenhome. She would not listen to you on that matter. That,thought Jaikie, must be the relief sent by Prince Odalchini. He knewthe line he must take, provided she listened to him. Was Mastrovin about to pay him anothervisit? Atpresent he is probably looking for you in the street. You havemeddled in what does not concern you, and you must take theconsequences. It is solely that yourfriends are in the power of Mastrovin, whom she venomously hates.

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