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[Info-gne] soiled termite

From: Blanch Lamb
Subject: [Info-gne] soiled termite
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 15:23:04 -0700

While it was thus engaged, I slipped quietly on into the city ofZodanga. Something must be done to rectifymy position. Slowly, inch by inch, I wormed myselfforward.
In this way hecould see to navigate the ship and my plan was blocked.
By their acts, they have issued a definitechallenge; and that I cannot permit to go unnoticed.
We were holding something of aninformal reception upon the forward deck of the great battleship. Having housed my flier and locked the controls, I returned to the manand paid him.
Straining every thew I dragged myself further forward until I lay withmy chest upon the turret. I had seen Tul Axtarenter the interior of the craft and close the hatch above his head. Howcould I ever have thought that the sentiment that I entertained forSanoma Tora was love?
I had seenTul Axtar raise the hatch of the Jhama. I overheard you asking the proprietor where you could find aneating-place.
None other, he replied, with one of his rare smiles.
Very quietly I triedthe forward hatch, but it was locked upon the inside.
The voice was familiar, but I could not definitely place it.
It was a mans leg protruding froma window, as though he had thrown one limb across the sill.
With a cry of warningI leaped into the room. Straining every thew I dragged myself further forward until I lay withmy chest upon the turret. His search of the palace, however, had revealed the fact that Phor Takwas missing. The Jhamamust be stopped, and then an inspiration came to me.
We do NOT keep any eBooks in compliance with a particularpaper edition. Instantly I sprang to Tavias side and turned her over.
Thus must have been the process in this instance. Doubtless he wondered what had happened, but I donot think that he guessed the truth.
A glance will revealthe fact that the laboratory is deserted.
It seemed slow work, butin reality I had loosened the stone in an incredibly short time.

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