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[Info-gne] ringworm same

From: Elmer Bland
Subject: [Info-gne] ringworm same
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 14:09:14 -0700

Most of the kids today thinktheyre smart when theyre just being sassy.
Mother,they send her to bed without any supper lots of times and she criesherself to sleep.
Thatpicture opposite Poppa is Queen Victoria.
Diana stared at her mother, all the wind taken out of the sails ofher rhetorical question.
Old Tillie lived down at theHarbour Mouth and was a very dirty ragged old woman.
I was only a CHILD then and it was easy to fool me, said Diana inher stateliest manner.
She would have hated to be in MissFlorrie Flaggs class . But you must learn to keep on this side of theborderline between the real and the unreal.
For the second time, smiled Mother, I must remind you of JennyPenny. Diana Blythe responded to the charm of that voice instantly.
If I had my life tolive over again Id never imagine ANYTHING.
Delilah somehow contrived to put ages of loneliness and lovelinessinto that nobody. I can always solve aproblem more easily after Ive had a voyage or two to the Islandsof Enchantment. Thank goodness, Ive kept limber, she reflected. It was a big house, once white, now a muddy gray. I do not know much about her but she seems to have a slow,kind, easy way with her. Two girls she met giggled after they passed her.
You take yourimaginings a wee bit too seriously.
But it keeps the rain out and I got sick of livinground with relations. If youonly saw her, Mother, youd know she couldnt tell a lie. Ihave not time to take it myself and it MUST go. Poppa was among themfrom the start but at first I hadnt nothing to say to him.
After Miss Emmy had gone on Rilla went home with her dreadfulsecret.

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