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[Info-gne] may NEI1 see her d011ar

From: Josefina Lockwood
Subject: [Info-gne] may NEI1 see her d011ar
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 05:13:17 -0540

Trading Alert To all our Members! 

Can you make some fast money on a Red Hot GOLD stock? Put this one on your 

Get Eqtd first thing Thursday morning.  This is going to EXPLODE over the next 
couple days! A Massive PR campaign is underway for all next week in support of 
HUGE acquisition news. We expect MASSIVE gains!

Company: EQUAL TRADING inc. 
Right now PRECI0US METAL ST0CKS are one of the hottest things going. GOLD is at 
its highest level in decades and experts agree that this trend shows no sign of 
abating. Eqtd is expecting explosive acquisition news which is going to take 
this winner further in to the stratosphere! 

Ticker: EQTD
Current Price: $O.O149
Target Price: $O.O4  Someone knows something!!!
Recommendation: 10(10) BUY 

EQTD is coming through when the price of precious metals is going through the 
roof. Increasing demand from China and India as well as domestically means that 
mining companies are once again in for WINDFALL profits.

Incredible news is coming out for EQTD. We believe that our readers should 
accumulate while there is still time. Opportunities like this don't come along 


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