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[Info-gne] Sample Pack

From: Impermeable Q. Jubilee
Subject: [Info-gne] Sample Pack
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2006 09:23:02 -0500

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Dont you realize how completely trivial it is? Two hundred years from now you, I and every person now living in the galaxy will be dead. Would you have arrested her if we hadnt moved in? That was the question. For a small capital outlay I had rented the warehouse that backed on the government warehouse. It had been a money-makerbut it was all over. The electrostatic rifle leaning against a bundle of steel bolts for the crossbow made a typical picture. All this continence had his nerves on edge and I thought he would appreciate a good nights sleep. I contemplated cracking out, yet at the same time couldnt help but wonder if this wasnt part of a testing periodto see if I had enough sticktoitiveness to last. Smoke from the bombs made a black midnight of everything, that and my shaken-up brains almost ruined the entire operation.

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