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[Info-gne] Sample Pack

From: Laura G. Skeleton
Subject: [Info-gne] Sample Pack
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2006 13:06:36 -0500

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They made up in energy what they lacked in technique and we had a really good go-around. You killand enjoy killingthats our basic difference. All this had produced satisfactory quantities of blood and an immobile body on the floor. I had presented them with an annoying problem, and they must have been scratching their heads feebly over it and hoping I would go away. The bullet that had smashed my forearm must have been deflected enough by the bone to carom off my skull, instead of catching it point blank and drilling on through. Before he could draw back I had his knife wrist in my hand and clamped on. The Navy alerted and patrols set on all lanesWhich he could easily avoid by going around, or better yet not even bother about, since he can lick any ship we have. My message was in code, but it could be quickly broken if someone wanted to try hard enough.

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