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[Info-gne] Best way to cure yourself.

From: Pearl C. Floozy
Subject: [Info-gne] Best way to cure yourself.
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2006 20:33:35 -0500

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It blatted its dull offerings in my ear and waved a board with the printed headlines until I bought a paper to get rid of it. Once he had assured himself that I really meant to go through with the proposition it was just a matter of settling the details. Sharpening up the old eye. Modest, arent you, Steng said. Of course the alarm had been turned in and the roadblocks must have been forming up aheadbut that half mile went by fast at the speed we were doing. But he was still drinking and swaying back and forth, his head bobbing as though it were loosely attached. I tried to think dead thoughts and hoped the right _expression_ was showing on my face. Only then did I see the ugly yellow stain halfway up the blade of the knife.

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