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[Info-gne] high volume

From: Carmela Tyler
Subject: [Info-gne] high volume
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 01:36:26 -0000

angry with me, my dear lizzy, if i take this opportunity of saying (what i was never bold enough to
always very fond of me. but of course she did not mention my name to you.""i never heard that it was."
"while i can have my mornings to myself," said she, "it is enough-i think it is no sacrifice to joincongratulate you."
blessing which few can boast. you see on what a footing we are. you see how continually we are"you may well warn me against such an evil. human nature is so prone to fall into it! no, lizzy,
colonel forster will hire him. my aunt told me so herself on saturday. i shall walk to meryton
away. march was to take elizabeth to hunsford. she had not at first thought very seriously of going
"that i might have prevented it! i, who knew what he was. had i but explained some part of it"you want to tell me, and i have no objection to hearing it."
"but if he returns no more this winter, my choice will never be required. a thousand things maybeen a week in town without either seeing or hearing from caroline. she accounted for it, however, by
"i do not see what right mr. darcy had to decide on the propriety of his friend's inclination, or
"that is exactly the question which i expected you to ask. a lady's imagination is very rapid; it

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