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[Info-gne] putrid

From: Rob George
Subject: [Info-gne] putrid
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 23:06:38 +0200
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If you have ever knit, or blogged, or if you think you can appreciate the lifestyle, you should absolutely go to one of her book signings.
And Lisa Shannon's passion is infectious, please catch the fever. My family has been on its low-car diet for two weeks, officially, and nearly six weeks, unofficially.
Please join me, one pregnant mama at a time you know. I'm live from Blogher! Eventually we arrived at a coach called the "Sightseer Lounge.
We cleaned until it sparkled.
Everywhere near the train, people working. I entered a kid's cooking swap, my first one, and promptly forgot about it until I received a lovely, lovely package of delights from the U. "I was just planning how I'd ask you if they could move in with us. There were at least two behind us. But at least I won't be selling you wrapping paper or frozen cookie dough. Or his little foot got lodged in the division?
Way better than those from our lick-filled, dark coach class window.
Hopefully no one buys this fashionable lady until after I pick up my entries from the fair.
After having read several chapters of her first book in rapid succession last night, I've decided: she's far funnier in person than in her book. When I'm knitting these strips I never want to stop, I think I'll always have one of these wraps in progress. "I'm kind of away," I typed.
I had leftover Noro Silk Garden in "reds" from Jenny's blanket, and I just cast on and started cabling. Evidently, I dropped my little knitted purse, full of my cell phone, driver's license, debit card. It's quite obvious that no one who worked for Powell's was a knitter, or a blogger, and certainly not the combination of the two. Finally I threw up my hands and created a new away message on AIM.
I took three rolls of film. I plan to toodle around on it, stopping at garage sales and farmer's markets and taking lots of photos.
It will be my "fun" bike, a foil for my serious shredder of a mountain bike. I made my own wedding dress of raw ivory silk, with an embroidered silk bodice and lots and lots of silk crepe for the lining. First it is hard, and second it is fun.
I'm all about challenging myself. I've been thinking about this for a long time so I'm going to bold it. And today we have all-beef hot dogs: DELICIOUS! I'm going to tell all. As I rode home through the dark, cool streets of Portland, Truman and I watched the glowing round orb, transfixed by its affect on our world. I'm actually doing something about it!
I was tired, jetlagged, exhausted and Jonathan was at work. She can type like the wind!
Licklick likes to swim, it turns out, but then he gets all fuzzy!

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