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[Info-gne] Growth promise that unleashes a frenzy

From: axiom
Subject: [Info-gne] Growth promise that unleashes a frenzy
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 21:00:58 -0600

C:\ is the root of all directories. A bad workman blames his tools.
Price increase 32% In 3 Days as T J S S Announces They
Are Unaffected By Recent Ban Against Online Gambling!

Company: TAJ Systems
Price: $0.225
Short Term Estimate: $1.50
Volume: Up 1770% From Last Friday
Note: $1 Million Prize Money Tournament Starts in 8 Days

The US Ban on O n l i n e G a m b l i n g is creating a huge shift in the industry to
foreign markets. T J S S is way ahead of the game. Based out of Europe
they are able to forge on in providing the hottest new game to hit the Net
and at the same time bring it to the Two largest gambling markets in the
world, Asian and India, which are as of yet virtually untapped.

Folks we have only 8 more days till the big $1 Million 3 C a r d P o k e r
Tournament Begins. This one has climbed 32% in just 3 days, and the
volume more than doubled today.

Just think, i n v e s t o r s have already made 32% on their money,
don’t waste anymore time, get in First thing Thursday morning
and see how high it goes in the next 8 days

A lender nor borrower be.
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