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[Info-gne] puppeteer G-string

From: Emery Bradshaw
Subject: [Info-gne] puppeteer G-string
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 19:23:37 +0200
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You'll now need your light, turn it on and begin experimenting with different light angels. The more your web visitors see the information, the more they will remember it.
Today, the format is supported in almost all web browsers, and is also the format that you'll get photos in if you take them with a digital camera.
Some of the methods are simple while others require more programming experience.
The smaller, securer converted Flash file enables you to email it to your friends or just post it on Internet sharing with other people in a breeze.
You can write the link and image src code with the same exact image name, just with an added s where you want the thumbnail image to appear.
I take pictures of cigars, so clarity of the cigar wrapper is key, but even the most beautiful and supple wrapper can look bad in the wrong angle of light.
No matter where this is on the page, you want it here at the top of your code. Did you know that people do business with people that they like and then they tell their friends too.
You can use this code in a text editor to see the effects. Flash converts everything into a Flash file, or SWF file playable by the Flash Player plug-in. Individually and collectively they are wrong.
You don't want a glare, but at the same time you want to promote the brightness and color. Your customers need that personal touch. No matter what mailing program you use, make sure that it will allow you to send personalized messages.
By listening to your customers, you will know exactly what they want, what they're having problems with and how you can develop a better product.
Keep All PowerPoint Effects in the Output Flash file. Find a place out of the way and sit the box up level with the lens of the camera, which is on it's adjustable tripod. The job of your design team is to then reel in that consumer with a unique, creative, or otherwise engaging web experience.
I will limit this article to the easier methods for using Flash in a search engine friendly manner.
Provide them with all of your contact information to make the process simple. Keep All PowerPoint Effects in the Output Flash file. Have a simple home page that allows visitors to select either the Flash or HTML version of your site.
For example, a catchy slogan or a great web address will be memorable long after the visitor has left your site.
Do the thinking ahead of time for your visitors, so all they notice is a great, memorable web site.
They don't want to feel as if the message they received was sent to an entire list.
Custom Flash Player Meets You Practical Requirements. Major corporations such as Burger King, Lipton, Nintendo, American Express, Nike, and many more have developed what are now called microsites for specific promotions.
The more your web visitors see the information, the more they will remember it. Someone woos us and reminds us of why we were so brilliant as to choose them, we stay put.
It is all in how the Flash is used.

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