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[Info-gne] Start of new opportunities

From: Monte Cobb
Subject: [Info-gne] Start of new opportunities
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 02:20:43 -0480

We proudly propose a new suggestion you would not decline. It’s an extremely 
profitable opportunity to makemoney without running the risk of losing them. No 
doubt, it’s a reliable agreement.

We got carefully verified information according to the new boom on the market 
next session. We expect  some grand news to be released on Friday, and these 
news will tear you to pieces! The reason is in (WBRS .PK) that is rapidly going 
up but you still got a room to dig in & be the first. The price gonna be mad on 
the rise, get in now while it is low and become an ace. You ought to remember 
such an occasion doesn’t go unnoticed for long.

Don’t boast of your previous progress; show what you’re able to do now! Once 
you decide to put your money in, you will notice earning dough with (WBRS) is a 
very nice and easy work without anyneed to worry on it.

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