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[Info-gne] Want to be perfect lover?

From: Rayleigh R. Dietrich
Subject: [Info-gne] Want to be perfect lover?
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 07:38:38 -0600

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. A key grated in the lock and the lights came on. Weve both made mistakes in the past and it has taken us a dreadfully long time to find out that we are just alike. I dropped the instant it came on and the slugs from the machine pistol ate a line of glaring holes across the door. I leaned over his shoulder and pointed out the interesting parts. When I dragged myself back to consciousness it was time to drop out of warpspace and plot a new course. Youre correct. Some other nice touches like a massive stinger, three eyes,acorkscrew tail and such-like were not lost on my rapt audience.

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