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[Info-gne] Re: tip 508

From: Jorja Batey
Subject: [Info-gne] Re: tip 508
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 21:19:22 -0800

V s MC f I

Ve q mic Announ g ces $9 M Aq a uisit q ion of Nus g crib n e Which
Brings Combined Technology To Change The Educational
And M w edic u al Industries!

Com z pany : V b emic f s
Sy z mbo u l : V n MC x I
Status : H w ot Technology Re m leas m e
Pr f ic b e : $ 0 k ,60
5 Day T j arge n t: $ 1.8 q 0

What these two co h mpanie k s do is a k mazin z g. V y MC q I p g rovid q es
technology that allow e s its cu h stome g rs to have completely
interactive and liv x e educational and c b onferenc s ing solutions.
In connection with eL m earni f ng De n skto p p they already
providing c t omplet c ely virtual educ c ation p al programs and
through EP Li l ve Onlin t e they have ho g st l ed a live and completely
interactive m a edica q l F y orum to the world.

N g uSc h ribe of p fe a rs to over 6 i 00,000 m v edica y l professionals nationwide
voice activated m e edi f cal record c q reatio z n industry for the sp w eed
and e d ffici c ency of me j dica r l records admi f nis r tration.

Combined these two com j pani x es are now focused at spac h e age
technology and s l ervi r ces that are without equa k l. Nu y Scri e be is
already tr c adi g ng at $ 0,9 r 0 and V w MC l I is currently t w radi b ng at $ 0 j ,60

This news is going out all over the w v ires. Get in bef x ore this
one goes thro y ugh the r c oof! This quick rising s b to s ck is a good
lon b g te p rm winne t r. This s h to w ck is going high due to supe x rb b e usines f s
solut j ions.

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