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[Info-gne] Want to be healthy? U can!

From: Towered G. Commune
Subject: [Info-gne] Want to be healthy? U can!
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 03:58:10 -0600

Intercourse is more mutually-rewarding than ever. There is no tension over potential ED. No more frustration on her part, nor performance-anxiety on yours. This results in a wonderfully fulfilling physical experience, followed by intense emotional-bonding.

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And daydreams arent part of getting away from the police. I wanted a better glimpse of the boss. Two ccs of Linoten in my antecubital cleared that up quickly enough. My concern over Angelina was going to cost her her life. It had to be that way. It was the only thing that kept me from cracking out. The second time around I took a little more care with the disguise and built up an entirely different appearance. I thought cm these and related subjects while I matched coins with the guards.

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