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[Info-gne] Get medications for your cure!

From: Rendition B. Turkey
Subject: [Info-gne] Get medications for your cure!
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 11:21:08 -0600

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To begin with, I had to put myself in Angelinas place at the time of her escape. Angelina had done a nice job at playing upon his prejudices and desires. I put nothing beyond the Special Corps, and bugging their own ships seemed a logical precaution. I was beginning to have the feeling that I had been missing the boat all along the line. But if he wasnt responsiblewho was?Some militaristic clique that meant to overthrow him and take power?I didnt know enough about the planet, so I enlisted Ferraro on my side. On the yellow tag were the large black letters D. Thats his strengthand his weakness as well. My ship bucked a bit as the tug-beams locked on at maximum distance.

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