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[Info-gne] Can't stand sex all night long?

From: Mugging V. Gonzalez
Subject: [Info-gne] Can't stand sex all night long?
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 14:00:26 -0600

Intercourse is more mutually-rewarding than ever. There is no tension over potential ED. No more frustration on her part, nor performance-anxiety on yours. This results in a wonderfully fulfilling physical experience, followed by intense emotional-bonding.

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Only a few of the women even remotely resembled her, but it took only a few words each time to settle the fact that they were true-blue blue-blood and not my little interstellar killer. This was the second time within twelve hours that I had been offered a partnership in the new order. This was done mechanically, because my mind was really on the ten-credit coin now rolling and clinking down inside the machines innards. The ends justify the means. There was no bug on the ship. Angelinas clothing was torn from one shoulder and his fingers were sunk into her arms like claws. The parade of uniforms and guns in the middle of the night had him frightened into a state where he could hardly walk. Thank you.

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