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[Info-gne] Tired with sexual troubles?

From: Olive P. Ammonia
Subject: [Info-gne] Tired with sexual troubles?
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 03:58:57 -0600

The greatest thing about Viagra is the security that you are on "automatic pilot", relaxed, carefree, with no worries about a sudden loss of erectile powers, no matter what kind of interruptions (kids knocking at door, dog barking, ill-fitting condom) may be thrown your way.

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It had been a minor theft from their warehouse that should go unnoticed. Ferraro pulled away from the robots hand as if it had been a poisonous snake. So she was still an angel, though under a different name. This was the first time I had ever tried this particular type of nonsense and since I had no idea of how foggy my memory would be I left a few notes around to remind me of the job. We almost swamped the boat getting out of it, which we thought hysterically funny, and which will give you some indication of our mental state at the time. Ill leave within the hour. A few times I saw flashlights ahead and had to double down different aisles, it was mostly luck that I made it without being spotted. Arent you getting a little ahead of yourself,, he said.

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