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[Info-gne] Diana here :)

From: Diana Bateman
Subject: [Info-gne] Diana here :)
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006 11:26:20 -0060

What's the first rule of investing?  Buy low sell high!  
Yesterday, market forces caused our top pick (EGLY) to close 
down on the day.  This gives our members the perfect 
opportunity to pick some up on the cheap before the big 
press release! 

Ever-Glory International (EGLY)
Current: 0.63 
Projected: 1.30
Rating: 5/5
Here's the latest news:

The Relationship between Ever-Glory and Disney's Agent is 
going well, with Orders Recorded in Excess of $100,000 for 
First Half of 2006.
We believe that having such a relationship with Disney is a 
huge window of opportunity which could lead to extremely 
large contracts.  Go EGLY!

Other news:
Ever-Glory International Group, a multinational enterprise 
specializing in garment manufacturing and exports, has 
expanded the scope of its business in 2006, wherein the first 
half of the year, completed orders from a single customer, 
C&A, totaled a staggering US$5.6 Million.
This is just ONE customer!  Many others have placed large 
orders this quarter.  

August 8th - $2mil order from Matalan
July 25th - $500k order from Debenhams
July 10th - $1mil order from OTTO

Please check all these figures with your favorite source.  
EGLY is the great deal!  We are expecting third quarter 
numbers to be out soon and are telling all of our members to 
take a position in before the data hits the street.  These 
fortuitous figures are going to shock the market and send 
this one way up!
Give yourself the chance to come out WAY ahead here.  
Fortune favors the bold!Also news are
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush's popularity has dipped to 35 percent, 
according to a new CNN poll, with 41 percent of likely voters saying their 
disapproval of his performance will affect their vote in Tuesday's elections 
for control of Congress.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republicans and Democrats pushed their get-out-the-vote 
efforts to full throttle and political luminaries hopscotched the nation on 
behalf of candidates as some polls showed Tuesday's midterm elections 
NEW YORK (AP) -- Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen aren't TV stars, but Tawny 
Cypress and America Ferrera are. Ordinary people with extraordinary powers are 
interesting. Hostage dramas? Boring! Stephen McPherson's big gamble paid off, 
Aaron Sorkin's hasn't and we're still looking for laughs.
SANTA ANA, California (AP) -- Snoop Dogg was booked Monday on a single felony 
count of possession of a deadly weapon filed after security officers at John 
Wayne International Airport found a collapsible baton in his carry-on luggage.

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