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[Info-gne] Need to buy medications but don't know where?

From: Radiator F. Alone
Subject: [Info-gne] Need to buy medications but don't know where?
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 18:08:20 -0600

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This is the time when we find out if our crooked novices really will devote the rest of their lives to the pursuit of law and order. The bruises I had suffered would be a small enough price to pay if my attempt at publicity paid off in the right quarters. We plodded through a number of halls deeper into the building, until we came to a door, no different from the ones we had passed, except this one had a guard in front of ita rough looking brawny type with his arms casually crossed. Theres something you are going to have to settle in your own mind before you will be happy. There may be other people who feel as you do, that there is change in the wind. I contemplated cracking out, yet at the same time couldnt help but wonder if this wasnt part of a testing periodto see if I had enough sticktoitiveness to last. They could sense electronic or radiation snoopers and gave instant warning. It was a leisurely stroll back to the departmentstore,I reached it at almost the same moment that the armored truck pulled up.

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