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[Info-gne] With pleasure to you...

From: Rangel Yesenia
Subject: [Info-gne] With pleasure to you...
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 01:30:17 +0000

Hey, how are You?
Do You know that soon is Xmas? ;-)

Yeah right!

And we KNOW, that this thing will help you to be

the BEST OF THE BEST this night.

Don't loose this chance and try it at


And see You later ;-)

dsfskf sdfdsf wefrwef
    'Who is this incompetent  Sasha? ' enquired  the doctor. ' That's him,
Ryukhin,' replied Ivan, jabbing a dirty finger in
    Ryukhin's direction, who spluttered in protest. ' That's all the thanks
I get,'  he  thought bitterly, ' for  showing  him  some  sympathy!  What  a
miserable swine he is! '
    * A  typical kulak mentality,' said Ivan Nikolayich, who obviously felt
a sudden urge to attack Ryukhin. ' And what's more he's a kulak masquerading
as a proletarian. Look at his mean face and compare it with all that pompous
verse he writes for  May Day ... all that stuff about  "onwards and upwards"

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