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[Info-gne] Unbelievable prices!

From: Alumnus V. Gap
Subject: [Info-gne] Unbelievable prices!
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 06:03:27 -0500

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Of course Ive been away a long time… things change…They dont change fast enough! And dont act galactic-wise with me, Diebstall. The door clanged shut behind themon a rebellious, cantankerous, belligerent son of the Freibur soil. But translated into simple terms my orders were to get the battleship, or it would be my neck. She had been studying me, every bit of my face that could be seen,everyintonation of my voice. I churned my way to shore in a state of near exhaustion. Another locked door opened into the warehouse. All this work could not have been done in the timeallotted,the Navy must have adapted a luxury yacht to my needs. I filled this with a very passable imitation of his handwriting.

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