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From: Sterling Grady
Subject: [Info-gne] Re[1]:
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2006 03:18:39 -0500
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""Of course I know it. His face was an insane grimace of effort and concentration. Some people have appointments in Samarra; I think you may well have had one with a pile of laundry or a dead cat on a flight of stairs. Save that one for the Annie Wilkes lexicon in your memoirs — if you ever get a chance to write your memoirs, that is. Then, distantly, he heard the clock chime, and understood that it was chiming from beyond the wall of sleep. If he did not begin to speak during those ten seconds, he had to leave the circle. In the kitchen, tall hugged Misery tightly to him, feeling his soul live and die and then live again in the sweet smell of her warm skin.uh There might be shots. ""I'm no shanty-Irish moocher! Her shadow falling over him. But you're not going to, Paul.

"She stared at him, that furious black gaze, and must have seen the truth in his face, because after a moment she slung him contemptuously back in the chair. She upended her own and drank half of it without stopping; then she stifled a burp, ladylike, against her hand. Writing may be masturbatory, but God forbid it should be an act off autocannibalism. He was still backing and filling as her footsteps began to come down the hallway. And ain't half the bleedin»town seen that old Papist monk that walks the battlements of Ridgeheath Manor? He was having more problems with the actual make-believe than he ever had before — the game of Can You? She had washed the blood off the mower but forgotten the blade underneath — the whole blade housing, for that matter. He suddenly remembered the only incident in his life that came remotely close to this one in its desperate emotional quality. Geoffrey realized with cold certainty that what they had seen when Hezekiah pulled the protective screen of bushes aside had come very close to driving Ian mad. The wheelchair thumped against the right side of the doorway and bounced back a little. He discovered three things almost simultaneously, about ten days after having emerged from the dark cloud. But sometimes the sounds — like the pain — faded, and then there was only the haze. He slid down a bit in the wheelchair — giving out a single barking groan — and looked through it. Geoffrey thought the Wellington story was probably an exaggeration, but Old Shinny, as he and Tan had called him as boys, had see, Geoffrey through all his childhood illnesses, and Shinny had seemed a very old man to him, even then. I suppose this time it'll make me feel dizzy and like puking, but I'd like that little link with the past. "No,»he said immediately when he saw the tired yellow cellar-light gleam on the hypodermic needle. I didn't even suggest she get another used typewriter from Nancy Whoremonger or whoever that woman was, one with all its keys intact. He guessed she had drunk directly from it, and that her fingers had been covered with gravy or ice-cream when she did it. He was sure he could hoist himself into the chair, knew it was probably a bad idea to let Annie know he could, but he needed his other fix, goddammit, and he could not write lying here in bed. For a hundred and fifty miles inland from Lawstown, a tiny British-Dutch settlement on the northernmost tip of the Barbary Coast's dangerous crescent, lived the Bourkas, Africa's most dangerous natives. The thought that grieving for a fictional character was absurd did more than cross his mind during his tossings and turnings. When he let the coverlet fall into a smoking heap at the baseboard, there was a big smoking bald spot in the middle of the wall, but the paper was out.

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