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[Info-gne] Make it larger!

From: Shishkin Denis
Subject: [Info-gne] Make it larger!
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 10:29:59 +0000

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    Alas,  they shouted  in vain.  Mikhail Alexandrovich was in no state to
telephone  anyone.  Far,  far  from  Griboyedov,  in  a  vast  hall  lit  by
thousand-candle-power  lamps, what had recently  been Mikhail  Alexandrovich
was  lying  on  three  zinc-topped  tables.  On  the  first  was the  naked,
blood-caked body with. a fractured arm and smashed  rib-cage,  on the second
the head,  it;s front teeth knocked  in, its vacant open eyes undisturbed by
the  blinding  light, and on  the third--a heap of  mangled rags.  Round the
decapitated  corpse   stood   the  professor  of   forensic   medicine,  the
pathological  anatomist and  his  dissector,  a few detectives  and  Mikhail
Alexandrovich's  deputy  as  chairman of  MASSOLIT,  the  writer  Zheldybin,

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