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[Info-gne] Your upgrade from S to XL size is ready.

From: Faubert Brian
Subject: [Info-gne] Your upgrade from S to XL size is ready.
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 22:20:51 +0000

YO chap

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tenor. He leaped up and greeted the chairman  with an  unexpectedly powerful
handshake which Nikanor Ivanovich found extremely painful.
    'Pardon me,' he said suspiciously, ' but who are you? Are you somebody
official? '
    'Ah, Nikanor Ivanovich!  ' said the stranger in  a man-to-man voice. '
Who  is official and who is unofficial  these days? It  all depends on  your
point of view. It's  all so vague and changeable,  Nikanor Ivanovich.  Today
I'm unofficial, tomorrow, hey presto! I'm official! Or maybe vice-versa--who
knows? '
    None  of  this satisfied the chairman. By nature  a suspicious  man, he

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