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[Info-gne] Size, Does It Really Matter!?!

From: Birish Denis
Subject: [Info-gne] Size, Does It Really Matter!?!
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 03:21:47 +0000

Salute man

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stood on end. At the third crow she turned and flew out. Behind her,  flying
horizontally  through  the air  like  an oversized cupid,  Varenukha floated
slowly across the desk and out of the window.
    As white as snow,  without a  black hair  left on his head, the old man
who a short while  before had been Rimsky ran to  the door, freed the  latch
and rushed down the  dark corridor. At the top of  the  staircase,  groaning
with terror he fumbled  for the switch and lit the lights on the  staircase.
The shattered, trembling  old  man  fell down on  the stairs, imagining that
Varenukha was gently bearing down on him from above.
    At the bottom Rimsky saw die night-watchman, who had fallen asleep on a

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