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[Info-gne] Big Guys have Big ramrod

From: Teleshev Francisco
Subject: [Info-gne] Big Guys have Big ramrod
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 08:28:37 +0000

Salute Dude

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once made Ivan feel  less depressed. The poet lay quietly down and  gazed at
the rainbow stretched across the sky.
    He  lay  there  until evening  and did  not even notice how the rainbow
dissolved, how the sky faded and saddened, how the wood turned to black.
    When he had drunk his hot milk,  Ivan  lay down again. He was amazed to
notice how  his  mental condition had changed. The  memory of the diabolical
cat had grown indistinct, he was no longer frightened by  the thought of the
decapitated head.  Ivan started to muse on  the fact that  the clinic really
wasn't such a bad place, that Stravinsky was very clever and famous and that
he was an  extremely pleasant man  to deal with. The evening  air,  too, was

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