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[Info-gne] Time to make it bigger!

From: Uzunova Nelly
Subject: [Info-gne] Time to make it bigger!
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 15:09:02 +0000

Greet buddy

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announced?  " he said.  And  then,  if  you please,  that impudent  creature
stretched  out in his  chair and said  with a smile : "  I've come to have a
chat with you on a little matter  of business." Prokhor Petrovich snapped at
him again :
    " I'm busy," to which the beast said: " You're not busy at all ..." How
d'you like  that? Well, of course, Prokhor Petrovich lost all patience  then
and shouted: " What is all this?  Damn me if I don't have you thrown  out of
here! " The beast just smiled  and said: " Damn you, I think  you said? Very
well!  " And--bang! Before  I  could even scream,  I looked and cat-face had
gone and there was this . . . suit . . . sitting .  . . Oooooh! ' Stretching

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