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[Info-gne] Ammunition for your penis just arrived!

From: Vaselli Mojmir
Subject: [Info-gne] Ammunition for your penis just arrived!
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 05:39:36 +0000

All real machos do that! What are you waiting for?!

No more throttle back with chicks!

After our upgrade you will hump not like a dead rabbit,
but like a real stallion - one, two three hours NON-Stoping,
and you don't need to recharge your balls!
Beleive me, all that girls want is a tough member and
hours of real pleasure!

Make a perfect gift for yourself and for all
your girls - more real desire for less money!

More info here:

No bullshit. The magic stuff will be shipped in an hour after
placing your order. What if doesn't work? Really impossible,
but we'll REFUND ALL your money.

PS: Absolutely no side-effects. And This stuff is really
effective against sterility or oligospermia.

fghrgbnsdkjhgweflkdjffd gujgjmjrjjfgjpjfjpmfklkrjlgpkpjjkf

shower of money reached the stalls and the audience began catching it.
    Hundreds of  hands were raised as the audience held the notes up to the
light from the stage  and found that the watermarks were absolutely genuine.
Their  smell  left  no  doubt:  it  was  the  uniquely  delicious  smell  of
newly-printed money.  First amusement then wonder seized the entire theatre.
From all over the house, amid gasps and delighted laughter, came the words '
money, money! ' One man was already crawling in the aisle and fumbling under
the  seats.  Several more  were  standing up  on  their seats to  catch  the
drifting, twisting banknotes as they fell.
    Gradually a look of perplexity came over the expressions of the police,

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