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[Info-gne] Salute Chap, your ramrod is really small

From: Taskova Galya
Subject: [Info-gne] Salute Chap, your ramrod is really small
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 01:26:19 +0000

Yo chap

I don't care why your sausage is so small, but 74% of women do.
They are pretty sure that bigger weenie will make their desire
stronger. You have the chance to change your life.

Here you can get the thing.

It will help you for sure.
The remedy can be sent worldwide.
If you wont be satisfied - we will return all you money.
No bullshit.

Somebody  went  back  to their  table  and--furtively to  begin  with,  then
openly--drank a glass of vodka and took a bite to eat. After all, what's the
point of wasting the  cotelettes de volatile?  What good are we going  to do
Mikhail Alexandrovich by going hungry? We're still alive, aren't we?
    Naturally the piano was shut  and locked, the  band went home and a few
journalists left for their newspaper offices  to write obituaries. The  news
spread  that Zheldybin was back from  the  morgue.  He moved  into Berlioz's
upstairs office and at once  a rumour started that he was going to take over
from Berlioz.  Zheldybin  summoned  all  twelve  members  of the  management
committee  from  the  restaurant and  in  an  emergency session  they  began

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