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Re: gnuchess/xboard protocol

From: Ethan A Burns
Subject: Re: gnuchess/xboard protocol
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 19:42:53 -0400

        It would appear that gnuchess 4.0 does not support ping/pong.  I would 
my engine to work with both 4 and 5.   Is there any other tricks that I may 
not know?


>Ethan A Burns wrote:
>> However, when I enter a move into gnuchess --xboard the reply doesn't look l
>> that at all:
>> address@hidden ~ $ gnuchess --xboard
>> Chess
>> Adjusting HashSize to 1024 slots
>> b2b3
>> 1. b2b3
>> 1. ... d7d5
>> My move is: d7d5
>> the ``My move is: <MOVE>'' string is no where mentioned in the xboard protoc
>> Is this then a bug in gnuchess?
>There are several places where Xboard and GNU Chess work together
>because they grew up together and bypass the protocol. This should have
>been fixed when GNU Chess 5 was written, but it wasn't.
>> Could you explain this a little bit more please?  My understanding would be:
>> My program sends a ping, and reads in input untill I see a pong, just ignori
>> everything inbetween?  Is this correct?
>My Perl scripts send "ping" and wait for "pong" at start up (ignoring
>anything before, as there are a load of options that get set at start
>up), and then before it reads any engine output it sends "ping", as a
>way of knowing the engine output is complete when it receives "pong".
>But probably wisest to work from Tim's documentation and keep telling me
>what is wrong (please!).
>Tim is clever, rigorous, and everything you want in an IT guy, and the
>GNU Chess 5 code base is easy to fix where these things are lacking,
>incorrect, or plain wrong.
>> I am working on a 3D chess UI using opengl/glut.
>Sounds like something much needed.
>Brutal Chess by any chance? As that came to my attention recently.

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