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Emacs 23.1 released

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Emacs 23.1 released
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 23:01:22 -0400

GNU Emacs 23.1 has been released.  It is available on the GNU ftp site
at  See for a
list of mirrors.

The MD5 check-sums for the tarballs are:

  a620d4452769d04ad8864d662f34f8dd  emacs-23.1.tar.gz
  17f7f0ba68a0432d58fa69d05a2225be  emacs-23.1.tar.bz2

Here are some new features of Emacs 23.  See etc/NEWS for a complete

 - Improved Unicode support (the internal character representation is
   now based on UTF-8).

 - Font rendering with Fontconfig and Xft.

 - Support for using X displays and text terminals in one session,
   and for running as a daemon.

 - Shift-selection.

 - Smarter minibuffer completion.

 - Per-buffer text scaling.

 - Directory-local variables.

 - New packages for:
    * viewing PDF and postscript files (Doc view mode)
    * connecting to processes via D-Bus (dbus)
    * using the GNU Privacy Guard (EasyPG)
    * displaying line numbers in the fringe (Linum mode)
    * editing XML documents with on-the-fly validation (nXML mode)
    * editing Ruby programs (Ruby mode)
    * display-based word wrapping (Visual Line mode)

Please send bug reports to address@hidden  You can use the
function M-x report-emacs-bug to do this.  Mac OS X users should note
that the Carbon port has been removed; see the file nextstep/README for
information about the new Cocoa port.

Many thanks to the rest of the Emacs development team for their hard
work; and to the numerous users who contributed suggestions and bug
reports.  Happy hacking.

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