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[Info-gnu-radius] GNU Radius 1.2.94.

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: [Info-gnu-radius] GNU Radius 1.2.94.
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 16:28:58 +0300


I am pleased to announce the release of GNU Radius version 1.2.94. It
is a maintenance release over the previous alpha 1.2.93.

The distribution tarballs are available for download from and

The available archives and their detached GPG signatures are:

       Tarball                               MD5 sum
==========================       ================================  
radius-1.2.94.tar.bz2            ed08f81c1cf17ac226e2ed14ce76d85b
radius-1.2.94.tar.bz2.sig        c7b8e7ac4ba44981ed2fa52206648bf6
radius-1.2.94.tar.gz             772fa72f1a429b796fb74781a457ec85
radius-1.2.94.tar.gz.sig         8175a976a16329d2320ee907653bba2c

(Due to technical difficulties radius-1.2.94.tar.gz tarball is
available only from By tomorrow it should
appear on as well.)

The list of user-visible changes since 1.2.93 follows:

* New constructs in dictionary file

** BEGIN VENDOR blocks.

These simplify declaration of vendor-specific attributes. Instead of
explicitely specifying vendor name for each VSA, you can enclose all
related declarations in BEGIN VENDOR statement:


An alternative form BEGIN-VENDOR ... END-VENDOR is supported for
compatibility with FreeRadius
** Specifying - (dash) for non-VSA attributes that have syntax flags
specifications is no longer obligatory.

* SQL support has been modified to use dynamic loading. This allows
for easy integration of third-party SQL drivers. All existing SQL
drivers are now built as loadable modules on systems that support
dynamic loading. You may still compile them statically by giving
--disable-shared option to configure.
* Radtest

The utility is rewritten from scratch. Now it provides a simple yet
powerful scripting language useful for writing RADIUS client applications.

* Radauth utility almost fully emulates a real NAS functionality.

* New contributions added to contrib/ directory:

 php                A php module for interfacing with Radius
 passcvt            Converts system password database to Radius SQL
                    table on systems with shadow password file (e.g.
 passwd_to_db      Converts system password database to Radius SQL
                   table on Free-BSD        
 radsend           Simplified interface to radtest utility

See README files in corresponding directories. 

* Testsuite rewritten in autotest. This allows to run it on almost any

* Bugfixes

** Fixed bugs in SNMP library that could allow DoS attacks (CAN-2004-0849)
** Do not use descriptors 0 and 1 for interprocess communications since
user-defined procedures and/or libraries may attempt to write to stdout
and thus interfere in the communication.
** Fixed 'forward' statement in `acct' block. It was incorrectly
enabling forwarding of authentication requests, instead of accounting

The list of user-visible changes since last stable release 1.2 is 
available here:



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