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Company's news for you about new products

From: Staples Dana
Subject: Company's news for you about new products
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 02:25:27 +0000


Two years ago I tried one for a laugh and was impressed.
It cost me $35 a tablet, girl said take one hour before activity
and only need to take half but I took the whole thing.
Sure enough after one hour it worked I was sitting in a bar
playing a game with a girl and wasn't even thinking about it
(well maybe only 10% of the brain was). I couldn't get up and walk
away as jeans were tight and it was pretty obvious to any one
looking that I must be a real sick puppy walking around like that.
Ended up getting a mates jacket to hang over it. I took a girl
back to the hotel and in the morning she said "you go long time
many times", the wonder of it strikes again!

You can try it now too, don't loose you chance!

Dmitri Guasque
Chamundi Powar Patel
Ferrari Ngo Wengler Unknown

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