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Wall Street Tip Sheet

From: Kurtis Beltran
Subject: Wall Street Tip Sheet
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 16:17:52 +0300
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             Check out this HOT STOCK 

Company: ADCapital Industries, Inc.

Sector Automobile Industry, Manufacturing, Chemical
Symbol: (Pink Sheets:ADCS)
Price: .21
Short Term: 1.00
Long Term: 5.00


Are you up 430% this year?

If not, wake up to the breath of clean air that AdCapital Industries is
bringing to the world. This is a hot Micro-cap stock with great
earnings potential.

About AdCapital Industries, Inc.

You are witnessing the most innovative emission reduction technology
ever developed. Our device, The Auto Emission Post Regulator (AEPR)
contains a groundbreaking technology which reduces the vehicle emission
NOx by an stellar 97%, and has reduced three other toxins considerably.
The Auto Emission Post Regulator(AEPR) is a replaceable filter
cartridge system intended for any gasoline motor vehicle muffler, made
modular for the purpose. The company is attempting to revolutionize the
reduction of emissions from vehicle exhaust with an extraordinary
device called the Auto Emissions Post Regulator (AEPR). AdCapital US,
Inc., is the U.S. licensee of the Auto Emissions Post Regulator
technology. AEPR technology utilizes high frequency electrical
oxidation to promote ionization and oxidation of the products of
incomplete combustion, e.g., carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, in
internal combustion engines. The technology does not rely on high
exhaust temperatures, permitting its use in muffler replacements and
tailpipe add-ons.  This technology will be available for older and new
vehicles. Although clearly aimed at use on automobiles, the AEPR has a
greater potential business application as an environmental product.
That is, the technology and device can be applied in other industries
and by governments seeking to achieve reduction in the air pollution by
meeting stricter emissions standards.


      -The AEPR begins where Catalytic technology leaves off. With
          older vehicles included, the potential market for initial sales
          and installation of Supplementary Emission Control products, is
          on the order of 150,000,000 units for US and Canada alone.

      -The Auto Emission Post Regulator (AEPR) contains a
          groundbreaking technology which reduces the vehicle emission NOx
          by an outstanding 97%, and has reduced three other toxins

      -ADCS is the next logical and cost feasible solution for emission
          reduction. The device is complete and independently tested. It
          proves to be the only existing product on earth for the
          termination of vehicle emissions.

      -ADCapital Industries: California expresses interest in
          ADCapital's solutions -- ADCS has the capability to meet and
          aggressively beat the Governors strict emission targets by 47%
          (NOx), and in a shorter time period than his target dates.

The bottom line:
ADCapital Industries (Pink Sheets:ADCS) stock could start to take off
at any time and a few years from now could be $5-$8/ or even higher.
Read the story, look at the news in the world everyday and see that
this company has arrived on the market at the right time and the right

Safe Harbor Disclosure: 
Any and all profiles contain or incorporate by reference "forward-
looking statements," including certain information with respect to
plans and strategies of the featured company. As such, any statements
contained therein or incorporated therein by reference that are not
statements of historical fact may be deemed to be forward-looking
statements. Without limiting the foregoing, the words "believe(s),"
"anticipate(s)," "plan(s)," "expect(s)," "project(s)" "anticipate(s)"
and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking
statements. There are a number of important factors that could cause
actual events or actual results of the Companies profiled herein to
differ materially from these indicated by such forward-looking
statements. This news lwtter advises al| readers andsubscribers to seek
advice from a registered professiona| securities representative before
deciding to trade in stoc.ks featured within this email. None of the
material within this report sha|l be construed as any kind of
investment advice. Please have in mind that the interpretation of the
writer of this news|etter about the news pub|ished by the company does
not represent the company officia| statement and in fact may differ
from the rea| meaning of what the news|et ter meant to say.Look at the
news|et ter by yourself and judge by yourse|f about the detai|s in it.
The company that mailed this newsletter was was compensated twenty
thousand USD by a 3rd party, (Liquid LTD) Use 0f the material within
this email c0nstitutes y0ur acceptance 0f these terms. If you wish to
stop future m4il1ngs,
please m4il to: penny0master0 @ 

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