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Investors, Microcap Profile for You unspoken coachwoman damnable

From: Fifi Leroux
Subject: Investors, Microcap Profile for You unspoken coachwoman damnable
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 3:17:53 -0500

************PREMIER INFORMATION (PIFR)***********************


Climbs 300% plus since its IPO, just signing an agreement with TOP 10 
in-surancee company in US (AccuQuote).

We Do Not See this slowing down, or this is the 1st 
agreements(AccuQuote) is  of the many this company signed with Forture 
500 company?
Premier Information Management Files Patent Application for Its 
Proprietary PiImageX(TM) Software

This one will CLIMB startin monday

Current Price: 2.30
Expected Price in 3 days: $5.15
Expected Price in 7 days: $10.00

S T R O N G  B U Y

Its a steal at $2.30
A U.S. based company offers specialized information management serices 
to both the In surancee and Healthcare Industries. The services we 
provide are specific to each industry and designed for quick response 
maximum security.

This an Undiscovered  Gem that is Positioned to Go Higher? P|easee R 
e a d the Following Announcement in its Entirety and Consider the 
Possibilities... Watch This One Trade Tomorrow!
Premier Information Management Inc. (PIFR - News), an emerging provider 
of information management services to the In-surancee and Healthcare 
industries, today announced that the company has filed an application 
with the United States Patent and Trade Office for its proprietary 
PiImageX(TM) document conversion and migration application. The rules 
application is designed specifically to reduce costs and decrease 
turnaround times associated with in-surancee underwriting and claim 

"Filing for this patent gives notice that Premier Information is 
looking to define its position as an innovator and solution provider to 
in-surancee and healthcare industries," says Tom Miller, Chief Executive 
Officer of Premier. "It is a company wide commitment to develop the 
products and display the kind of innovative technical 
leadership that creates customized, value added solutions for our 

As the foundation of Premier's PiSuite(TM) of applications, its 
proprietary PiImageX(TM) process combines a robust and scaleable 
conversion and migration application integrated with efficient workflow 
solutions to process information critical for in-surancee carriers to 
manage and evaluate their risk. In-surancee Information gathering, which 
includes Attending Physician Statements (APS), Paramedical Examinations, 
and Inspections, create the backbone for sound underwriting decisions 
and claim processing. Traditional paper documents are processed via 
PiImageX(TM), and depending upon each users' specific requirements, are 
imaged and converted into a specified format, scripted with an 
accompanying index or definition file, compressed and encrypted, then 
together with a reconciliation or check file. The electronic packets are 
then securely transmitted via multiple protocols into end-users' 

"The PiImageX(TM) application, in conjunction with the development of 
several other proprietary technologies within our PiSuite(TM), 
establishes the foundation for Premier's growing Intellectual Property 
portfolio." Miller adds, "We will continue to pursue an aggressive IP 
thereby strengthening our position as an emerging leader in the 
information procurement and management space."
More information p|easee refer to the entire news for the company 
published on January 31.

This is A REAL COMPANY with real potential, get in now, DONT Regret 

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