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Associate Membership Meeting update

From: John Sullivan
Subject: Associate Membership Meeting update
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 17:36:43 -0500
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*The 2004 FSF Associate Membership Meeting*

The Second Annual FSF Associate Membership Meeting will be on
Saturday, March 27, 2004, from 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM in Cambridge, MA,
USA, at MIT in Building 1, Room 190.

If you wish to attend, please RSVP to address@hidden by Friday,
March 12, 2004, in order to guarantee a space.

The meeting will feature presentations by and conversation with the
FSF Staff and the members of the FSF Board of Directors. So far,
Richard Stallman, Eben Moglen and Bradley Kuhn are confirmed as
speakers. More will be added shortly.

There is no charge for attending. Breakfast and lunch will be

This year, we are also organizing a dinner for after the meeting, at
The Middle East <> in Cambridge, MA. The
cost for this is $20 per person (drinks are extra). Please let us know
when you RSVP if you plan to attend the dinner, so we can work out
payment arrangements and make an accurate reservation.

*Getting to the Meeting Site*

    The event will be held on the MIT campus in Building 1, Room 190.

    Directions for getting to MIT as a whole are available on MIT's
    web site <>. If
    you are driving, MIT's site has some suggestions for parking
    However, if you are driving to the Boston area, your best bet is
    probably to park in one place (like your hotel) and use public
    transportation to get around while you are here. Scroll down the
    page for more information on available public transportation.

* Mailing List to Coordinate for Meeting*

    We have created a Mailman email list, address@hidden, which
    you can subscribe to by sending a message with the subject
    'subscribe' to address@hidden or by visiting the the
    Mailman mailing list site
    <>.  Feel free to
    use this list to meet other associate members who plan to attend
    the meeting so that you can discuss room sharing, carpooling and
    other coordination details.

*Hotel Suggestions*

Area Hotels within a 5 minute walk from the meeting:

20 Sidney Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: (617) 551-0316

2 Cambridge Center, Broadway and Third Street
Cambridge, MA 02142
Phone: (617) 494-6600 Fax: (617) 494-0036

350 Main St.
Cambridge, MA 02142
Phone: (617) 577-1300 Fax: (617) 577-1377

Other hotels and area restaurants are listed at

*Getting to MIT via Public Transportation - MBTA (aka "The T")*

The MBTA's new trip planning <>
site can sometimes be useful.

Subway: By train, take the Red Line to the Kendall/MIT Station or to
the Central Square Station, both of which are a short walk from the
campus.  The walk from Central Square takes about 10 minutes and takes
you right down Massachusetts Avenue. The Kendall/MIT Station is on the
edge of the east end of campus, and as soon as you enter an MIT
building, you can get to the other buildings without going outside.

> From the Central Square stop, take Mass. Ave. East (toward Memorial
Drive and the Charles River).  Building 1 is on the corner of
Mass. Ave. and Memorial Drive.

> From the Kendall/MIT stop, follow the directions on this map

Bus: The #1 or Dudley bus stops at MIT on Mass. Ave. and also provides
transportation to Central Square and Harvard Square. The MIT stop is
at a large crosswalk with a stop light. On one side of the street are
steps leading up to large Ionic columns and the Small Dome of MIT, on
the other side of the street are the Stratton Student Center and
Kresge Oval (an open, grass-covered area).

*Airport Information*

    The closest airport is Boston Logan International Airport (BOS).
    From any airport terminal, look for signs for the "MassPort
    Shuttle". Wait at the MassPort Shuttle stop for a bus that says it
    is going to SUBWAY (either Route #11 or #33).

    That shuttle will take you to the Airport T station. This is on the
    Blue Line. Take the Blue Line inbound to Government Center. Get out
    at Government Center and go upstairs. Take a Green Line train to
    Park Street (there are several possibilities, lettered B,C,D and E).
    Get out at Park Street. Head toward the entrance of the station and
    follow the signs downstairs to the outbound Red Line platform (the
    signs will also say Alewife).  You can get out at either Kendall/MIT
    or Central Square. From here, follow the directions in the section
    above this one.

    For driving directions from the airport, click here

* Train Information*

    The closest *Amtrak* train station is Boston South Station (BOS). If
    you arrive via train, follow signs to the MBTA or SUBWAY. South
    Station is also a stop on the T's Red Line. You can take an ALEWIFE
    train to the Kendall/MIT station.

    Boston's *Commuter Rail* comes from all directions from towns
    throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Some trains come into South
    Station (see above), and others come into North Station. The
    Commuter Rail North Station is a short /outside/ walk to the T's
    Green Line North Station. Exit the Commuter Rail station and follow
    signs for the Green Line. Take a Green Line train inbound to Park
    Street, which connects to the Red Line.

*Bus Information*

    *Greyhound Bus*: Greyhound buses bound for Boston will bring you to
    South Station. There is a Red Line subway stop at South Station.
    Take an inbound train (toward Alewife) to Kendall/MIT.

    *Peter Pan*: Peter Pan buses will also bring you to South Station.

    *Chinatown Buses*: There are Boston-bound buses from Chinatowns in
    Baltimore, Washington, New York and Philadelphia. They are usually
    substantially cheaper than Greyhound or Peter Pan. These buses will
    bring you to Boston's Chinatown. From Chinatown, walk down
    Washington Street, toward downtown. Once you approach the shopping
    district, you will see entrances for the Red Line at Downtown
    Crossing. Take the Red Line outbound to MIT.

    Sunshine Travel <>
    (more expensive) and Travel Pack USA
    <> (less expensive) are
    two companies that operate between New York and Boston. If you need
    help gathering information on Chinatown buses from other cities,
    please send us email.

Please email address@hidden or call John at (617)542-5942 x23 if
you need more information.



John Sullivan
Program Administrator    

Free Software Foundation        Phone: (617)542-5942 x23
59 Temple Place, Suite 330      Fax:   (617)542-2652
Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA       Email: address@hidden

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