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ANNOUNCE: GIMP 2.1.5 Development Release

From: Sven Neumann
Subject: ANNOUNCE: GIMP 2.1.5 Development Release
Date: 20 Sep 2004 12:52:46 +0200
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a new development snapshot of GIMP 2.1 is now available from and it's mirrors:

This is an unstable development release. It certainly has bugs and
there are a number of unfinished hacks. We are nevertheless interested
in your feedback and would like you to file bug reports for crashes
and non-obvious problems.

Please note that you cannot install gimp-2.1 side-by-side with
gimp-2.0 into the same prefix. A number of files will clash, so please
use a separate prefix to install this development version! For
details, please read the file INSTALL.

Here's an overview of the changes since 2.1.4 was released:

- Ask the user to save the image when closing the last display.

- Restored compatibility of the wire protocol that was accidentally
  broken in 2.1.4.

- Added layer and mask actions to allow to create keybindings for them.

- Preview widget improvements:
   * let the preview expand with the plug-in dialog
   * added a navigation popup similar to the one in the image window
   * respect the selection and show how it will affect the filter
   * added API to draw to a GimpDrawablePreview from a GimpPixelRgn

- Added preview to more plug-ins: Cartoon, Apply Canvas, Photocopy,
  Motion Blur,

- Ported the Bumpmap plug-in preview to GimpDrawablePreview.

- Removed -u linker hacks from all Makefiles.


   Michael Natterer, Sven Neumann, David Odin, Manish Singh, Simon
   Budig, Nathan Summers, Alan Horkan, David Gowers, Bill Skaggs,
   Joao S. O. Bueno, Peter Kirchgessner

Happy GIMPing
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