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GNU Anubis 4.0 released.

From: Wojciech Polak
Subject: GNU Anubis 4.0 released.
Date: 18 Dec 2004 14:47:28 +0100


The Anubis Team is pleased to announce the release of GNU Anubis 4.0.
The release is available by anonymous FTP from:

and from mirrors worldwide -- see <>.
The md5 checksums of the files are:

    cded94ad14e528e899f5e8f7fd1aa022  anubis-4.0.tar.gz
    f63553e7196b397f964fe76fa39507a8  anubis-4.0.tar.gz.sig


GNU Anubis is an SMTP message submission daemon. It represents an intermediate
layer between mail user agent (MUA) and mail transport agent (MTA), receiving
messages from the MUA, applying to them a set of predefined changes and finally
inserting modified messages into an MTA routing network. The set of changes
applied to a message is configurable on a system-wide and per-user basis. The
built-in configuration language used for defining sets of changes allows for
considerable flexibility and is easily extensible.

More information is available at:

Following is the list of user-visible changes in this release:

GNU Anubis 4.0 has been rewritten from scratch. The message processing
algorithm has been changed. Apart from that, this release includes
a lot of other improvements and bugfixes.

** New features:

* The new authentication and authorization mode has been introduced.
  In contrast to the method used previously, the new mode does not require
  client machines to run AUTH server (identd). It uses standard
  SMTP AUTH capability and can therefore be used with most contemporary

* User's database can be kept on the server machine in any of the following

  - Plain text
  - GDBM
  - MySQL
  - PostgreSQL

* GNU Anubis is extensible via Guile (requires Guile 1.6 or newer).
  Several Guile extension modules are shipped with the package,
  among them a module for signing 

* Added test suite (make check).

** Configuration file grammar is rewritten. It features several
   new syntactical entities, allows nesting of conditional statements
   to arbitrary depth, and is easily extended using Guile. Refer to
   the documentation for the detailed information.

** Run Control File News:

* Added new security option `drop-unknown-user'.
* New option 'gpg-sign-encrypt' allows to encrypt and sign messages
* The RULE section is allowed both in system-wide and in user
  configuration files. The statement `rule-priority' in the
  system CONTROL section defines the order of execution of
  the two sections.
* User-defined sections are allowed in either configuration file.
  Such sections may be invoked from RULE section or from another
  user-defined section using `call' statement.
* The order of processing user CONTROL sections may be altered by
  setting `control-priority' in the system-wide CONTROL section.
* Execution of the configuration files can be traced using the
  `tracefile' statement in CONTROL section of the configuration

** Other changes:

* Remailers and Rot-13 support has been removed from the main engine
  and rewritten as the loadable extension modules.
* New file `anubis-mode.el' provides an Emacs major mode for editing
  Anubis configuration files.
* New Dutch, Malay, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Ukrainian message



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