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GNU cpio 2.6 released

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: GNU cpio 2.6 released
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 19:20:56 +0200


I am pleased to announce the release of GNU cpio version 2.6. This is
the first major release of the program since 2002. 

GNU cpio copies files into or out of a cpio or tar archive. It supports
various archive formats, among them: binary, ASCII (both old and new),
crc, HPUX binary, HPUX old ASCII, old tar, POSIX.1 tar. When extracting
from archives, cpio automatically recognizes which kind of archive it is
reading and can read archives created on machines with a different

For more information on cpio, including links to file downloads,
please see its web page:
and the the project page 

GNU cpio is available from and
the mirror sites worldwide (see
for the list of those).

The MD5 checksums of the files are:

25e0e8725bc60ed3460c9cde92752674  cpio-2.6.tar.bz2
76b4145f33df088a5bade3bf4373d17d  cpio-2.6.tar.gz

The list of user-visible changes follows:

* Added NLS support

* Improved configure script

* Improved invocation consistency checking, diagnostic, and help output

* Printing warning about truncation of inode numbers is suppressed by
default. See below.

* New option --warning (-W) controls the level of output warnings:

    -Wnone       Disables all warnings
    -Wtruncate   Enable warning about truncation of the inode number
    -Wall        Enables all warnings

  To disable a particular warning, prefix its name with 'no-', just
  like in gcc.

* New option --to-stdout extracts files to standard output.

* The output of `cpio --help' is largely improved.
* Bugfixes:
** If a file grew n bytes in copy-pass mode, these n bytes got prepended
to the contents of all subsequent files.
** Padding the archive with zero bytes upon truncation of the file being
archived was broken.


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