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GNU Source Installer version 0.4 released

From: Claudio Fontana
Subject: GNU Source Installer version 0.4 released
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 01:07:10 -0700 (PDT)

GNU Source Installer version 0.4 has just been

GNU Source Installer is an effort to provide a
convenient, centralized way to manage installations
from source code. At the basics level, it offers a GUI
front-end to the (./configure && make && make install)
sequence, and then on top of that it offers many
additional features, like package information,
installation consistency checks, enhanced
uninstallation,  per-package editable descriptions,
commented commands in the pseudo-console.
Source packages built using the autotools (and in
particular autoconf) get much better support than the

GNU Source Installer knows about itself, so it can be
removed from within the program like any other package
(a warning is provided in the package description).
It can also be updated like any other package, using
the Add Package action to replace it with a new

GNU Source Installer is targeted at (modern) Unix-like
systems (with GNU/Linux as the primary target).
People are encouraged to test 'sourceinstall' on their
platform and then report any Unix portability

This version is available in two alternative flavours:
one normal sourceinstall-0.4.tar.gz release, and a
behemot self-extracting interactive installer that
includes all major sourceinstall dependencies (tcl/tk
and Expect, but excluding X), that are compiled and
installed if needed.
Even these dependencies can be managed from the
installer itself.

GNU Source Installer links:

homepage (manual, downloads, other info):


mailing list:

release NEWS:*checkout*/sourceinstall/sourceinstall/NEWS

Claudio Fontana

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