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GNU Arch (tla) 1.3.4 release

From: Andy Tai
Subject: GNU Arch (tla) 1.3.4 release
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 14:05:06 -0800

Hi, this is to announce the release of GNU Arch (tla) version 1.3.4.  a revision control system.

This release is available as

and soon from mirrors of the GNU FTP site.

It is also available as

SHA1 checksum:

Version 1.3.4 makes no changes to the underlying infrastructure
of tla; the main changes are in the user interface,  the addition of convenience commands:
tla lint
tla add
tla branch
tla diff (on multiple files and allowing diff options)
tla export
tla switch
tla tree-id

to improve the usability of tla.  There is also a "basic mode" help message to show just "basic" commands, useful for people new to tla. It is hoped that tla is now more pleasant to use.
For details, see the README file in the release.

This release also incorporates bug fixes from Debian and patches from Andrew Suffield, Ian Jackson, Derek Zhou,  Ludovic Court├Ęs and Lionel Elie Mamane.

For more information about GNU Arch (tla), see the Arch wiki at

A mailing list for Arch users is available at


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To report bugs, go to
GNU Arch was created and mainly written by Tom Lord <address@hidden>. Currently it is maintained by Andy Tai <address@hidden>.

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