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ANN: gjdoc 0.7.8 (Naughty Puppy) released

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: ANN: gjdoc 0.7.8 (Naughty Puppy) released
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 00:46:53 +0200

We are pleased to announce gjdoc 0.7.8 (Naughty Puppy).

gjdoc is the GNU documentation generation framework for
java source files. gjdoc is part of the GNU Classpath Tools:

This release is mainly to make sure that gjdoc can handle the new 1.5
language features introduced in the upcoming releases of gcj and GNU
Classpath. The support for the 1.5 language features isn't complete, but
this release of gjdoc should be able to at least handle the basics and
generate documentation for java source code files that contain generics,
annotations and enumerations. Help for extending the support and update
the gjdoc parser are highly appreciated.

        New in release 0.7.8
        * Naughty 1.5 release
        * GJDoc can now successfully run against the new 1.5-based
        of GNU Classpath, including generics, annotations and
        * Includes gjdoc/25876: Basic annotation support for gjdoc
        contributed by Stephan Michels

Special thanks to Andrew Hughes for preparing this release.

Also thanks to Stephan Michels, Ben Konrath, Dalibor Topic, Andrew
Overholt and Tom Tromey for reporting bugs, suggesting, testing and
fixing things in this release.

The latest release of GNU gjdoc can always be found at

This new version of gjdoc has been used to generate class
documentation for the GNU Classpath CVS source files:

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