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dap 3.7 available

From: Karl Berry
Subject: dap 3.7 available
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 18:08:14 -0600

We're happy to announce the release of GNU Dap 3.7.

Dap is a small statistics and graphics package based on C, written by
Susan Bassein.  It provides core methods of data management, analysis,
and graphics that are commonly used in statistical consulting practice.
Because Dap processes files one line at a time, rather than reading
entire files into memory, it can be, and has been, used on data sets
that have very many lines and/or very many variables.

The Dap home page is
Dap 3.7 is available from, and
(shortly) from all the GNU mirrors listed at  Please use a mirror if at all possible.

Version 3.7 upgrades the license to GPLv3 (or later), and updates the
infrastructure files for the latest Automake and Autoconf.

Please email bug reports to <address@hidden>.

Beyond that, if you use dap, please let the author know about your
experience using it, and suggestions, also by mailing to
<address@hidden>. (Don't worry that it's not a bug report!)  Thanks.

Happy statistical hacking,
Karl (on Susan's behalf)

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