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Bazaar becomes a GNU project

From: Martin Pool
Subject: Bazaar becomes a GNU project
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 20:05:47 +1000

The Bazaar version control system <> recently became
a GNU project.  We set out several years ago to build a version control
system that would suit the collaboration and cooperation at the heart of
free software, and Bazaar is the result of that effort.

Our goal has been to make distributed version control easy to use
across all platforms. Bazaar features a simple and friendly interface,
so that new users will find it familiar and natural. The key
operations for distributed version control are branching and merging,
so much of Bazaar's design is to make sure that you can branch and
merge efficiently between individuals and teams, using local or remote
branches. For developers, there is an extension API and plugin
suite that enable you to extend Bazaar, and bzrlib makes it easy to
embed Bazaar functionality into your own GPL applications.

Bazaar is still under very active development.  There is a culture of code
reviews and test driven development in the Bazaar core team, so you can
quite easily expect to be able to contribute code to the core of Bazaar.
The focus of our current work on Bazaar is network efficiency, so we
encourage folks to help us optimise the smart server protocol for
collaboration from all corners of the globe.

Another goal in the design of Bazaar is to make it straightforward to
interoperate with projects that are using a different VCS. We know
different projects will choose the tools that suit them, but we wanted
to make it possible for someone to use Bazaar to participate in any
project. So Bazaar can represent the version control operations of
every other VCS, and there are plugins that let you read version
history for a project into Bazaar from Subversion, Git, CVS and other
projects. It is possible to keep the "trunk" of project development
on, say, Subversion, and run a continuous "import" of that trunk into
Bazaar from which developers can branch and merge. Such an import has
already been setup for Emacs and a few other projects - Canonical runs
more than 1,000 of them constantly at (see for a list of projects that
have registered Bazaar branches there). The code that does the
Launchpad imports is all published under the GPL if you want to do it

We're happy to help with, or offer advice on, conversion of your
project from any other system. Speak to us in #bzr on Freenode, or
write to address@hidden

You can host Bazaar branches on almost any server where you
have read and write access over SFTP, FTP or HTTP, or over SSH with the
bzr smart server.  We would like to have first-class support on Savannah,
and are seeking someone experienced with PHP and Perl and the Savane
codebase to help with this.

for the Bazaar developers

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